Three Keys To Killer Messaging

Published on by Jack Mooreh

A sign’s message is its most important element—hands down.

No matter what type of sign you use—real yard estate signs, open house signs, billboard signs, truck door magnetic signs—its message is its most critical element.

Some say it IS the sign.

Everything else about the sign—its design, its color, its size—just supports the message.

So you have to get the message right if you want your sign to do its job.

Message must communicate

A message needs to communicate with its intended audience to be effective. It also needs to pique interest, create a promise, and initiate a relationship.

The right message can help you stand out in the crowd. And when you’re competing with all the other “noise” in people’s lives, standing out is critical

Messaging is an essential part of a three-legged stool that makes up branding. Branding is conveyed visually, verbally, and experientially

Make no mistake, though. Creating an effective message can be challenging—even for a good writer. Messaging is often the hardest part of a sign to get right

Unfortunately, many companies like to mimic their competition or speak inconsistently. Neither works—especially in real estate where integrity is everything

Here are three tips to consider when creating a message

  1. Lead with benefit

Do you talk about what you sell, provide, offer, or do in your marketing messages? Do you try to dazzle with features or services? People don’t care about you. What you do or how you do it doesn’t matter. They care about what’s in it for them

So lead with benefits. Make the reader the focus of your message—not you. And create a vision for what things will be like with your product or service in their future

  1. Walk the talk

Signs make promises. So do all marketing communications vehicles. Be sure to deliver on those promises. Or, as some marketing gurus say, “Don’t write a brand check you can’t cash.

Back up benefits with proof points. And clearly state your differentiators. You want people to know you’re more than empty marketing promises

  1. Be human

Make sure your message sounds like human speak—not meaningless marketing jargon. Make sure also your message speaks directly to whoever is reading the sign or other marketing vehicle

Give it some “personality.” Formal and conservative? Informal and progressive? Whatever you think works for your audience

An effective message is at the heart of your sign. Do create an effective message focus on reader benefits, walk the talk, and speak human—not gobbledygook. Do all that and your message—and sign—will make an impact.

Real Estate Yard Signs

Real Estate Yard Signs

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